Trail Running Photos

Parts of the down hill trail had trees roots to trip you up.

Most of the trail was narrow and lush after the recent rain.

Parts of the trail took me right along side of the lake.

Other areas of the trail lead me deep into the woods.

Once in the woods the trail had a chance to open up.

View of an old boat dock from the edge of the trail.

A lot of the trail was visible, but just barely so.

A view of a stream from the edge of the trail.

An open view of the lake from the edge of the trail.

A water fall, just a little further off the trail. I had to investigate after hearing it.

Lots of ferns near the top of one of the hilly trails.

More great scenery along the trail... views like this were plentiful.

Lots of hills along these trails. Total ascent was 1750 ft.

At times I felt like I was running in the tropics.

Great view from the top of a trail early in the morning.

Part of this trail took me right up to the edge of the lake.

A few areas of the trail were totaly covered in squishy moss.

Many areas of the trail had quick "ups and downs."